Oculus Quest 2 – Review


  • Excellent price no matter where you are buying
  • Wide selection of different types of games and experiences
  • Easy to get started
  • Sturdy controllers
  • Excellent way to get into VR
  • No wires!!!


  • The base strap gets uncomfortable after a short time
  • The battery life is abysmal
  • Accessories are expensive
  • Connecting to and playing PC VR games can be complicated/confusing


Despite the fact that I have included 4 of each pros and cons I have to say the purchase was definitely worth it – even if I had listed a few more of the other cons. I didn’t list the others as you would experience the same cons across all VR headsets (motion sickness, finding the right mask position etc.).

I have only had the headset for a short time but I can say it is absolutely amazing – especially if you are a little bit of a geek. I have tried more experiences than games so far which is strange because I am a gamer but being able to swim around and learn about sea creatures, float around in the ISS, or walk around the bridge of the Enterprise-D. Not to mention the workout games that keep you singing or where you can travel real-life roads. If you have wondered about VR and are looking for a way to experience it without having to buy a new beefy PC this is it. The freedom of not having any wires or not having to connect to a PC is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait until more of my family and friends get the Quest 2 so we can share the social experiences as well such as watching movies, playing tabletop-style games or even multiplayer games together!

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