Technical Consulting

Are you a small or medium-sized business owner, or an individual facing tech challenges? Do you require assistance and direction to enhance your tech solutions and boost your online presence? Allow me to introduce my technical consulting services.

As a seasoned technical consultant, I offer specialized guidance to small and medium-sized businesses and individuals, helping them tackle the intricate world of technology. My services are tailored to meet your particular needs, encompassing: Technology Strategy, Software Development, Website Strategy, Social Media Strategy, IT Support, and Training and Support.


Technology Strategy

Together, we will devise a thorough technology strategy in line with your business objectives. By assessing your current tech solutions, pinpointing areas for improvement, and suggesting innovative technologies, I’ll help optimize your operations and outperform competitors.

Software Development

As an experienced software developer, I can help you build or source applications and software solutions to meet your unique needs. I work closely with you to understand your requirements and develop solutions that are scalable, reliable, and secure.

Website Strategy

I’ll aid you in formulating a comprehensive website strategy consistent with your business objectives. After evaluating your current website and identifying areas for enhancement, I’ll recommend new technologies to optimize your site and stay ahead of the competition.

Social Media Strategy

I offer expertise in social media strategy, which includes content creation, curation, and distribution. I’ll help you craft an all-encompassing social media plan to draw in new customers and engage with existing ones.

IT Support

I provide general IT support, ensuring your tech solutions run seamlessly. I troubleshoot issues and deliver solutions to keep your tech environment secure and up-to-date.

Training and Support

I offer training and support to guarantee that you and your staff are proficient in using your tech solutions. With ongoing support and maintenance, I’ll ensure your solutions continue to meet your needs and stay secure.

Freelance Contract Technical Consulting

My technical consulting services aim to assist small to medium-sized businesses and individuals in achieving their technology objectives, optimizing operations, and enhancing their online presence. I am dedicated to providing expert guidance and support as you navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you grow your business with technology.